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Dr. Turley has been honored to receive the 2016 PCSO Award of Merit for his contribution to the orthodontic field. This Award of Merit is given every year to a PCSO member who has achieved the highest level of accomplishment in orthodontics and has distinguished themselves among their colleagues. This award was presented to Dr. Turley at the PCSO Annual Session in Seattle, Washington in October. Congratulations Dr. Turley!!

http://www.pcsortho.org/Educational-Opportunities/Annual-Session.aspx (see Program, page 5)

Dr. Turley Presents Memorial Lecture

Dr. Turley presented the "John Valentine Mershon Memorial Lecture" at the May 2014 Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists. The Mershon Lecture is considered one of the AAO's highest honor in recognition of significant contributions to the clinical practice of orthodontics.

  Dr. Turley Lectures on Early Treatment

Every five years the American Association of Orthodontists sponsors a special conference on Early Orthodontic Treatment. The most recent  symposium was in February 2015 in Miami, Florida. Dr. Turley was one of seventeen speakers chosen from around the world based on their expertise in various areas of early treatment. Dr. Turley was honored to be selected to present his methods for treating children with crossbites and underbites.

Dr. Turley Lectures at 2015 AAO Annual Session

Dr. Turley lectured at the May 2015 Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists. His lecture title will be: Root Resorption Following Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth: Implications for the Orthodontist. 


Dr. Turley Lectures at 2016 AAO Annual Session

Dr. Turley will be lecturing at the 2016 AAO Annual Session on the Early Treatment of Children with Underbites.

Dr.'s Turley Book Chapters 

Dr. Patrick and Patricia Turley have written two chapters for the newest (6th) edition of Graber's textbook on orthodontic treatment: Orthodontics: Current Principles and Techniques. First published in 1985, this book is one of the most popular texts on orthodontic practice in the world. 

Dr. Turley Chosen to Write Special Article

This year (2015) the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics is celebrating its 100th Anniversary. Each of the 12 issues will contain special articles relating to the anniversary celebration. Dr. Turley has been selected by the Editor-in-Chief to present an article on "The Evolution of Esthetic Consideration in Orthodontics." While teaching at UCLA, Dr. Turley conducted research on the changing attitudes of facial esthetics in the 20th century. 

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Dr. Patrick Turley helps 'Soul Surfer' regain her smile - American Dental Association News

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